Sunshine Coast Land


Sunshine Coast BC Land for SaleVariety is a consistent element of living on the Sunshine Coast.  Land is no exception.  You can find small city lots with complete utility services or subdivisions with homes on ¼ or ½ acre lots.  Rural acreage could suit your family.  You may want land in a private rustic setting, perhaps in a wooded area. You may have determined that waterview or water front property is a top priority.

Whatever you have on your priority list, Sunshine Coast land can probably be found to satisfy you.  We can help you determine if all of the characteristics of your choice really suit your needs.  Some available land has natural gas service but much of it requires propane gas.  On some more rustic properties you gain privacy and accept private ownership of your own well for water, a septic system and propane rather than natural gas service.

Many parcels are located in unrestricted areas so the owner can build whatever he wants.  Other parcels are located in more organized areas where some restrictions dictate building standards for all owners in the area.  Acreage with more restriction is often closer to developed areas. Which of these areas are best for you?  We can help filter your priorities through all the possibilities and provide you examples of Sunshine Coast land properties that fit your expectations.

Land prices vary dramatically.  In general, land on the south end of the Sunshine Coast closer to established communities like Sechelt and Gibsons is more expensive than land you find as you travel north.  5 acre partially developed properties begin around $250K.  As with many things, the law of supply and demand dictates that waterview and water front acreages are more costly than most other types.

By blending your priorities with the realities of life on our beautiful Sunshine Coast, we can help you find your home on your own piece of Sunshine Coast land.  Call Bev or John at 1-888-740-7355, or send us an email using the form below, to explore the possibilities.