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Natural resource stewardship is especially critical to an area with as much natural riches as Sunshine Coast real estate.  The Sunshine Coast Regional District is responsible for regulating and managing water quality and wastewater treatment systems.  They are also working on a Zero Waste Management Plan that will present future options for consideration.

Water quality here is excellent.  The Tetrahedron Provincial Park was designed to provide protection for much of the water passing into the watersheds feeding the Sunshine Coast.   Water in Gibsons originates from a deep water aquifer.  It was once judged to be “the best water in the world”.  Sechelt draws its water from large creeks in the area.  Pender Harbour and Egmont water comes from local lakes or creeks as necessary.  Trout Lake is a water source for some of Half Moon Bay’s requirements. 

Rain harvesting on an individual property basis is a possibility being worked on to expand the resource base.  Clean high quality water is essential to the life and growth of any community.  Advocates for natural resource management are actively looking to the future of the Sunshine Coast.

Wastewater treatment is an unexciting but important subject.  Many developed communities have a community sewer system managed by the SCRC.  In more rural or pristine areas, individual septic systems are required and regulated as well.  There are three types of septic systems that work with the characteristics of our coastal and mountain terrain and are prevalent this area. Companies in the area specialize in the service work, like pump out, that is required.

The conventional system is the least expensive to build. It works through a gravity feed of water to the underground settling  tank which then passes water out to the septic field.  The amount of field area required depends on the size of the system with 4 feet of soil needed for 175 feet of run.

Another system is known as a “fast” Septic system.  A constantly running filtration system in the tank makes it especially effective for a property with a lack of field space or one that is rocky with less available soil.

A Glendon system is an example of the last and most eco friendly design type.  It uses a very high tech filtration system.  The water output is extremely purified with very little field required- practically a white water system.

Local septic engineers and contractors are very experienced in the system and construction needs for any property you choose and can provide cost estimates for your consideration.  We have a list for you of companies who are also knowledgeable about local regulations and are known in the community.

Centra Gas is the provider of natural gas where it is available to Sunshine Coast real estate.  The townships of Sechelt and Gibsons, parts of Roberts Creek along Lower Road and Beach Ave as well as areas close to the northern end of Redrooffs Road in Halfmoon Bay are in the service area.  Some properties along Sunshine Coast between Gibsons and Halfmoon Bay are included as well.

Natural gas is not available to property in Pender Harbour and areas north. Propane gas is the resource in these areas.

BC Hydro Electric services the area with electric power and Telus Telephone provides phone and high speed internet service.

We've lived in this area for years.  Ask us if you have questions about the utilities here.  Feel Free to call us at 1-888-740-7355, or send us an email using the form below.

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